Zero Tolerance Curriculum - Program Highlights

"Children of the 21st Century have challenges that we as adults can't begin to understand. They don't have to face those challenges alone… We're proud to be a positive part of their growing success."
Jeanne Starr Gater, President
Castleberry Toys, Inc. & TSFFC, Inc.

About The Supa Dupa Babee Program
Molding and shaping mindsets that build success-oriented attitudes for accomplishment and achievement is the underlying philosophy of the Supa Dupa Babee Comprehensive Drug Prevention Learning Program. While the theme of this program is to "fight back against drugs," anti-violence themes are highlighted throughout all program learning elements. Kids are taught early to be on guard against the perils and dangers of drugs as "early learning" is critical for lifetime empowerment. Developing the Supa Dupa Babee "healthy and smart" attitude through an active, highly visual learning process promotes a winning spirit that leads kids to make wise choices throughout their lives.

Program Highlights

  • Early Learning, Grades: Pre-School – Grade 8 (Ages 2-14)
  • Research-Based Learning / Enhances Refusal Skills
  • Anti-Violence, Pro-Friendship Learning Component
  • Highly Visual Materials For Sustained Learning
  • Innovative 8-Hour Core Curriculum
  • Interactive, Repetitive Learning Modules
  • Parent & Teacher Friendly Program Mode
  • Promotes Strong Character And Healthy Self Esteem

Basic Program Cost Per Student = $13.25

Which Program Is Right For Your Group Or Child?
Not sure where to start? Call our toll-free number and let our SDB Specialist help you decide which program to being with and how to proceed.
When the learning starts, the fun begins with the unique Supa Dupa Babee Program.

Business: (706)453-4355

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Meet Supa Dupa Babee & Friends
Meet Supa Dupa Babee & Friends
Zero Tolerance Curriculum

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